SAF and Women’s Rights at the UN – (and news to me)

Something I did not know, received from No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: the Second Amendment Foundation is an accredited NGO (non-governmental organization) at the United Nations.

Just yesterday, SAF’s Director of Operations Julianne Versnel who has represented the SAF at a number of UN conferences and meetings, spoke at the UN Programme of Action conference saying, “If there is a basic sanctity of a woman’s person, if there is a right to not be a victim of sexual or personal violence, then that right involves the right to defend one’s self.”

Regarding the continuing UN discussions and on-going process to develop a small arms and light weapons treaty in the face of one that collapsed earlier this summer when several nations opposed it, she noted that she had reviewed what has already been written and said about the violence against women as it relates to the Programme of Action, and emphasized that, “I am struck by what is not said.” and that any new global gun control initiatives must “do nothing to disarm women who legitimately and rightfully want to defend themselves.”

While international gun prohibitionists have been pushing a civilian disarmament agenda, Versnel’s warnings may open up a new and politically uncomfortable arena. It is impossible to dismiss female victims of violence as “male American gun nuts.”

“The drive for human rights is a force throughout the world,” Versnel stated, “and especially here at the U.N. A woman’s right to be free from violence is a fundamental human right. That fundamental right is to defend one’s self. The report of this conference should state that without reservation.” (empahsis added)

Thank-you SAF!


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