Freedom is Fabulous (but Not the Narrative)

So there was a BIG ol’ par-tay with lotsa dancing and funky fun and a lot of people showed up and hooked-up – and the Media is putting a total blackout on it because it doesn’t capture the negativity they want to express.  F*’em, the Media is dyin’.

(Image by Scott Lamb/Buzzfeed )

(Photo: Jay Westcott/POLITICO)

In an effort to control how people think and behave and make up their own minds, the Media has also put the big-blackout on Utah District 4 Congressional contender and Sarasota Springs Mayor Mia Love,  true bi-partisan former Democrat of Alabama’s 7th Congressional District representative Artur Davis, and Texas latino and Harvard Law School magna cum laude grad Senate candidate Ted Cruz.


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2 thoughts on “Freedom is Fabulous (but Not the Narrative)

  1. They HAVE to block out all the blacks, Latinos and women. That’s the only way they can continue with their narrative (i.e., lie) that the GOP only represents white males.

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