Kool-Aid, Cupcakes, and Green-lights

(H/T) Drang has a new post up, Sometimes, they write themselves…:

The PJ Tatler » Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs, Schizophrenics, and the ‘Intellectually Disabled’
The PJ Tatler has obtained documents from the Justice Department detailing efforts to recruit attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have “psychiatric disabilities” or “severe intellectual disabilities.” On May 31, 2012, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez issued a directive to affirmatively recruit people with these “targeted disabilities.”

This DOJ policy does not merely involve prohibitions against discrimination, but rather the documents reveal deliberate recruitment efforts to hire as attorneys and staff for the Department of Justice people suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities.  Moreover, applicants can “self-identify” their disability by means of the “Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability.”

Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment. That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead.

According to the documents, those with these “targeted disabilities” may be hired “before the position is advertised” and even “before the position’s closing date.” Moreover, lawyers with psychiatric disabilities and “severe intellectual” disabilities receive a waiver from the requirement that a new DOJ employee have practiced law for one year before being hired.

Simply breathtaking…from comments at PJ Tatler:

Hiring like this as a mandate entirely defeats the intent of Congress in establishing Civil Service guidelines … and “qualified” by appointment is not at all the same as qualified and chosen by competitive Civil Service testing … Since they were hired as disabled, they’re entitled to all the VERY robust protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act and will never be fired or un-hired … So this is a legacy-act by Holder … a way to seed the department with “his people” that will be very difficult for the new admin to fire, and if they do they will be castigated for it … since they are by definition suffering from psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities … and firing any of them is illegal since they are disabled …

It’s a rearward-facing torpedo, pointed at the next Administration, like having a demonstrated idiot like Joe Biden as Vice President – one heartbeat away…



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