Snark in Teh Park

Menlo Park: Seen on a BMW 3-series parked off El Camino behind the Office Center, a couple blocks from the Re-Elect Obama Headquarters (ex-Towne Ford), which is next-door to the soon-to-be-defunct Tesla Motors (unless Obama wins and gives them a big bailout)…

What Would Joe Biden Do?

What Would Joe Biden Do?

Given the hysterical and vitriolic nature of local Lefties that may not last long before it’s gouged or gnawed-off.


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6 thoughts on “Snark in Teh Park

  1. Here in Lefty Loserville, town of Flaming Fiskar .Gov subsidy cars, Joe Biden as VP is ironical, and all that hipster-ness.
    I didn’t think first of John Browning because He known to His followers as JMB – John Moses Browning (and PBUH)…

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