Guns are not TV-PC

Sebastian comments on the San Bernadino Sun’s recognition of Kim Rhode and the meta-conversation about her success and/but lack of exposure.  “…Conspicuously absent from those post-Games American highlights and celebrity-status events despite setting records.”

It’s an interesting question to ponder whether it’s the media revulsion in regards to anything involving guns, or it’s just that not many people follow shooting. I tend to think it’s probably more the latter.

I think he’s being generous.  The Liberal Media defines the standards of Political Correctness, and their Style-Guide enforces the public expression/exposure of what is Correct (including WHO is and who is NOT an appropriate spokesperson), and for whatever social-engineering axe they are grinding, Unless guns are used in a violent crime or in War they are to be suppressed, and sublimated as “negative” energy/bad elements.  Any “celebration” (read: simple exposure) or other use of guns is abhorrent to the Liberal Political Taste – unless its “outsider” art or “edgy” political commentary, like the kitschy UN gun-knot statue that re-enforces the Liberal’s sense of smug, self-satisfaction and well-being.

Some non-Liberal Media take advantage of the non-exposure to do “shocking” things, and show guns differently – but only for crass commercial purposes – and they can be lambasted for doing-so a-la the British expression of indignity over “Stars Earn Stripes” – since it’s a terrible, low-brow, and even public “celebration” of war and should be (and they say this completely without recognizing any irony) slammed,for pushing too many “moral and ethical boundaries” – as if Hollywood doesn’t already push “moral and ethical boundaries” every which-way, from teen-sex to violence in other and ever more disgusting directions that DON’T matter…?

So we’re winning when we have shows like that – and they are increasing in number on TV.

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