Compensation, NOT!

Not conceivably in the way of Markley’s Law, but that would be inevitably posited by anti-rights anyhow, and especially by the pseudonymous Shalom Auslander, who seems to think of nothing else.

Out in Hendersonville, NC, an 87 year old lady persuaded two armed robbers to leave her house when they broke in at 3 AM. And by “persuaded” I mean that she showed them the handgun she was going to shoot them with if they didn’t exit the premises immediately.

And the Sheriff said:  “Anybody that is going to do that is risking a lot, so you really have to ask yourself if you’re confronted in a situation like that what might be at stake,” he said. “My general advice is ‘aim small, miss small.’”


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3 thoughts on “Compensation, NOT!

  1. GOOD advice!!! 🙂 And little ol ladies are just as bad as little ol men. One gun with the bluing worn off and they DO know how to use it!

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