Rendezvousers VII!

More news from Mr. Completely!!

Among the “Who’s Who” list of this year’s Gun Blogger Rendezvous is Ray Carter of the Second Amendment Foundation who will be joining us at the Silver Legacy in Reno for the Rendezvous! will be a new sponsor, and will be providing a delicious meal for us; YUMMY!

Our buddy Allen Forkner of Swanson-Russell has hooked-up both Leupold and SIG-SAUER to be major sponsors again this year.  Woot!

Leupold logo      

The lovely and shooty-talented Randi Rogers is now working-for and shooting-for Comp-Tac, and we are super-grateful that they will be sending along some goodies for us!

Sadly it appears that we’ve lost GLOCK as a sponsor.  We HUGELY appreciate their past sponsorship and weep bitter tears and lamentations to lose them, but they have not responded to multiple attempts to get in touch, so apparently we just don’t fit whatever their requirements might be… *sigh*

AND the former Smokin’ Gecko Restaurant (and pizza joint) has Reno-ized, and morphed in to a Mexican restaurant – so our Friday dinner will now be Mexican, instead of ribs.


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