Cold Rendezvous Past (III)

In 2008 it snowed when we went to Cabela’s. That’s EJ (Engineering Johnson), Brownells‘ own Larry Weeks, and Derek of the Packing Rat.

The cold was one reason Mike moved the Rendezvous from Octoberrr up to September. I shot a FNC which was my baptism of full-auto. Freakin’ Amazing!

CORECTION: Later Say Uncle Linoge shot my CA legal AR – which I had neglected to properly lube and given the unexpectedly cold conditions it gave EJ fits when he tried it.

It seemed like everybody (BUT ME!?) shot Ricks’s .50BMG – that was a seriously loud Shottzenkaboomzer.

I also shot Chris’ mega-shotty with the Drive-Feinstein-Crazy Extra-Magazine – but I couldn’t tell where the pellets were going in that vast landscape…

And the drive back was brilliant.

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6 thoughts on “Cold Rendezvous Past (III)

  1. NFO, Nothing personal – it’s just what us unemployed losers do to fill the empty hours…
    J – I didn’t recognize you without Teh Magnificent Whiskers! 😉 I *will* take mucho-pictero!
    G&G – I’m lucky it’s close/cheap enough that I can drive, otherwise I’d be a no-show.


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