Reminder to self…you’re a jerk.

Comments: Don’t spout-off all the damn time, let it germinate and develop – or let it go. Get in your hot-air balloon and go up a bit higher or stand-back and try to Big-Picture it.  Do a re-write.

Twitter: I’m a jerk and got suspended. Without a smartphone, it really may not be my forte or playground.  There’s an essential JuniorHighSchool-ness to it.  I got into trouble making cutting remarks, and 7th-8th Grade was a really BAD period of time that I shouldn’t want to revisit, so it’s probably best to be done with it.  Even from the explanation given I’m not really sure how I got suspended, but the obvious would be to say that it’s way too easy to slap the SPAM label on something, and a thin-skinned Liberal (like in Jr. High) couldn’t debate “gun-control” or the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. There’s supposed “automation” involved (that I don’t have or know how-to do), whereby a “Tweep” can make themselves popular – so I figure it’s not that.  There’s also supposed to be something called “aggressive following” – and “follower churning” – also to become more popular?  I’m not sure how to even DO either – and since it’s a service run out of San Francisco I suppose it’s easy to lose the cultural battle of the Über Snide and Hipster who monitor activities.  Anyhow, better for me to go for a bike ride in the sun.


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5 thoughts on “Reminder to self…you’re a jerk.

  1. One more reason I don’t Twitter… The other reason is that I already have a short attention span and only 140 characters is only going to… Squirrel!!!

  2. Garner – Right, but since it falls to my own biases, the temptation is strong to believe it’s all those scuzzy hipsters and neck-beards in SoMa cubicles…
    Thanks G&HG – Sometimes the cider could use a bit more filtering! 😉

  3. Welcome to the new era of censorship. Combine human nature with “social media” and you get social-censoring for social correctness (formerly known as political correctness). Basically like your Scarlet Letter, only in modern form.

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