Call Me Four-Eyes

I used to go to the For-Eyes opticians back in the day for my optical necessities, now I go to another place – but as an OCAG (optically challenged American gunny) this Lucky Gunner test, linked by Joe Huffman and also by Existing Thing at To Which I Replied, was an eye-opener.

I need glasses and even have an optically corrected snorkel-mask.  I got my first pair when I was Ten – after a whole year of 5th grade Boarding School.  I missed the basics of Math, but excelled in History – and it was discovered I couldn’t see the blackboard from the first row.  History is a story I could re-read and hear, Math is a diagram that was erased as it went along…

At the time I read a lot – of books, magazines, comics, and I read the musty old out-of-date Mission encyclopedia Britannica – reading was my Happy Place – more than my brother or sister or most other kids.  When it was discovered that my vision sucked, my Mom asked the Dr. if my constant reading was the cause of my nearsightedness, and he (God bless him) replied, “No, he probably reads because he can’t do the other things kids do.”  I was amazed and delighted at the world that existed to be SEEN when I first put-on my glasses – and could READ MORE!

I read signs and billboards and posters on walls, I tried to read everything that was passing before me as we drove down a street.  I read the faces on gigantic Bollywood movie-posters, I read things in Hindi that I didn’t even know, and I became a bit of a speed-reader.   And now I wear bi-focals.

I shoot with glasses since there’s hardly any reason to bother without them – and this test makes me wonder what the standard civilian protocol is like.  My Oakley bi-focal sunglasses are high-index scratch-resistant “something” – not polycarbonate – and not glass either – and I wonder if they are tough enough.  The military certainly inhabits an environment that is hostile to all body-parts and exposed skin, but putting yourself onto the Range gets you close, too.  The author of this does us a valuable service:

As a Navy Corpsman, I had the opportunity to see the results of a number of injuries, including those involving the face and eyes. I was astounded to see how crucial eye protection, sometimes referred to as “eye pro,” was and how effective it could be. I saw a number of potentially vision-threatening fragments of metal and other debris stopped by good eye protection. In one case, a large chunk of metal hit a Marine in the face, partially penetrating the lens of his glasses and causing him to lose vision in that eye. Without that eye protection, he most likely would have been killed.

If you value your vision, read these tests – it’s worth your time.

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And no double-glasses for me, four is hard enough, six-eyes are for insects.


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7 thoughts on “Call Me Four-Eyes

  1. right there with ya NC. Bifocals, then diagnosed for trifocals, which sucked beyond belief. told my eye doc, you are going to have to figure it out with bifocals cuz I’m not doing the tri thing again. I felt like a bobble head doll trying to find the focus point.

  2. Going to the Opticians for my yearly on Thurs. I’ll have to see what they say about various platforms. They did my shooting glasses with reversed bi-focal lens (upsidown)…

  3. Hi Deb! – I have single-line bifocals – progressives make me seasick too! H8’em!
    Between the high-index (reduces weight), polarizing, anti-reflective anti-scratch and all the rest of the play-hard coatings the cost of glasses is usually several hundred$+ – thank God for Vision Service Plan Insurance – will Obamacare take a dump on that too?
    Biggest problem is usually “wrap” – with my RX the edges get very thick, so no aviator styles or sawfly types exist that can be manufactured with that thick an edge – and NO double-glasses.

  4. I get all my specs as polycarbonate. I don’t have bifocal sunglasses, because the progressives made me seasick. (Only the 3rd time I’ve ever been seasick.)

    It is marginally more expensive when you get specs to get poly lenses. A lot more when you add in the polarizing/scratch resistant coatings… but there you go. Not perfect, not as much coverage as the cheap specs that go over your glasses (3 bucks at Lowes?) but the mean that if nothing else, you always have glasses that will work.

    (And I’ve update the new blog-roll up to N… Blogger will be history soon.)

  5. Sure wish I could find something sturdy that would go OVER my current specs. It’s just too expensive/inconvenient/disorienting to constantly be switching eyewear.
    Any ideas?

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