Obama: Socialist Social-Climber

In a Breitbart expose we are introduced to the young, radical Obama (like who knew?) during a period of time when he was fomenting his composite girlfriends and political “awareness” as a Marxist-Leninist radical.  So naturally he visited the San Francisco area during his Christmas break from Occidental College in 1980.

This is a time I recall pretty well from my own semi-radical late 70’s days at UC Santa Cruz, and as a local I know the region pretty well, having hitchhiked up and down the coast, back and forth to the beach, and ridden my bike all throughout the golden summer hills (green only when it rains in winter).  A lot of people don’t realize just how fabulously wealthy the local Socialists really are, and this post is just an effort to help and add some Big-Picture context to the milieu in which he seeks to find himself:

Apparently at the time, “Regina” was Caroline Boss (now Caroline Grauman-Boss)….when he visited the San Francisco area during his Christmas break from Occidental College in 1980–at the Boss family’s home in Portola Valley, CA.

Portola Valley is indeed a small city – small in numbers because the density is low, since the properties are so big – and it’s very exclusive.  It’s terribly-terribly expensive and full of Limousine Liberals and Venture Capitalists who, “didn’t build that,” but profited off the money they loaned to others who DID.  The inhabitants and their Left-leaning children own Aston-Martins, Maseratis, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Corvettes by the dozen, and keep the local Ferrari dealership busy – and many also own a horse-truck and trailer for dressage events.  For the environmentally sensitive “Green Habituated,” there’s a Fisker dealer – or Tesla just down the hill… It’s famous as the site of a particular restaurant where multimillionaires dress-down in shabby-chic jeans and worn Polo shirts to do Venture Capital deals at lunch over a frosty glass of Anchor Steam beer (“a company not-built” by Fritz Maytag of THAT Maytag family).
Check it out on Zillow, where a 1-bedroom, 1-bath 510 square-foot “cabin in the Redwoods” goes for $695,000 – and that’s the low (and tiny) end of the spectrum.  Surrounded by a swath of Open-Space Preserves and some original NIMBY green-scaping – one exclusive Park requires an ID to gain entrance – there’s no disruption from the outside world or the messy hovels and run-down apartments down the hill and across the freeway in Redwood City, East Menlo Park, or East Palo Alto – until the (illegal) immigrant landscapers drive-up in their beat-up old trucks to do the lawns and gardens of the estates in the hills.

Obama must be somewhat disappointed that his deal with Tony Rezko never produced this kind of country-living outcome.  It’s a not-worker’s Paradise!

UDATE:  When my Junior-High School, Gi-Joe playing buddy Bill’s dad’s business really took-off (the business he didn’t build himself) in a big way, they moved up to Portola Valley (or neighboring Woodside) and I never saw him again.


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