“Third-Way” Head-Fake

The Jack at Assorted Meanderings raises a question about the Director of Libertarian heartthrob SciFi & TV, Firefly and its big-screen Tinselgrad semi-bonanza, Serenity. Recently “Joss” exploded in an anti-capitalist rant on Friday July and there has been some internet (duh!) discussion abou’ tit. Turns out Joss was raised in a similarly left-leaning family atmosphere as myself, but without the whole (and quite strong) religious Liberation Theology quadrant injected into his uptown Socialism.

Joss Whedon: “Um, y’know, I was raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the ’70s, by the people who thought John Reed and the young socialists of the ’20s were some of the most idealistic people, and that socialism as a model was such a beautiful concept…

We are watching capitalism destroy itself right now,” he told the audience.

He added that America is “turning into Tsarist Russia” and that “we’re creating a country of serfs.”

As The Jack notes: Welp, Zombie did warn about the Wrap’s reporting being bad. And upon getting an actual transcript of what Whedon said, things become a bit clearer – including the notion of “Third Way.”

Maybe it’s just me, but Joss seems a bit of a kid still, despite (or maybe because-of) his success and his $5.8 million mansion overlooking the Riviera Country Club – the trapping of a well-spent Tinselgrad-funded escapism perhaps. Good for him and his success, he can do whatever he wants with it.

At any rate the “Third Way” argument resonates with me because I used it whenever I had to (or could).  In my experience it was a rhetorical device and an acceptable means to avoidance – it was a good way to get out of endless (and I mean really endless) political blather by the Parents. Just invoking that could extend an invisible force-field (of ~awe~, presumably) and allow you to walk away from the (BORING lefty political) “conversation,” leaving it dangling.

Really, “The 3rd way” is and was always the Socialist trip-lever to move the goal-posts. It doesn’t exist except to shift the balance in the Socialists favor.  One reason the Left loves the Euro-style Parliamentary system so much is the in-built ability to undercut real checks-and-balances and stack the deck in their favor behind the scenes – but which has been un-ravelling a bit lately over across the Pond…

Anyhow that’s just my $0.02 – he’s confused and hasn’t clarified his own real political thought-process beyond what sounds good, his latent position is Enlightened Enriched Socialism – and that works as cover for his milieu of hyper-wealthy Boulevard Socialists, and all those who promote it without thinking simply because it make then appear to care (more than others) and have a heart – and that’s such a freakin’ JOKE especially in the middle of Hollywood, but it IS acting…


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4 thoughts on ““Third-Way” Head-Fake

  1. It’s Summer Blockbuster time, and the weekend is here, so I wasn’t surprised to find two in-depth movie reviews while perusing the Friday edition of the S.F. Examiner over lunch. Neither was I surprised to find that both reviews (one exclusive and one from Reuters) made it clear that, being an election year, every movie has to toe the approved anti-capitalist line.
    From the paper’s exclusive review of “The Dark Knight Rises,” second paragraph: “…it’s a battle epic for the ages. But it’s also rooted in the world’s current economic woes, and GROWING FRUSTRATION OVER A WIDENING GAP BETWEEN THE ULTRA-RICH AND THE HAVE-NOTS.” (Sorry for the all-caps, but there was no other formatting choice for emphasis.)
    Yet the Reuters’ review of “Trishna” goes one better, announcing its bias from the very first sentence: “Economic inequality sure adds relevance to modern-day adaptations of 19th-century novels.”
    Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is mere coincidence, or just two reviewers. Movie reviewers are an auxiliary of the industry’s PR arm, privy to all kind of swag and inner-circle meet-and-greets that the studios use to tune them to the desired wavelength.
    No, the official election-year topic, whether directly in the fabric of the story or just tinging it with background and hue, is “the 99% fights back against the 1%.”
    The hilarious thing about the whole “Rich Business-People Bad” message is that it almost entirely is being propagated by rich people (in media, union leadership, government and activist NGOs).
    Remember, kids: Two legs baa-aad, four legs goo-ood.

  2. Just another Hollywood hypocrite.
    Unfortunately, they never seem to be able to keep their rancid opinions to themselves: They always, and I mean ALWAYS, find ways to bias their movies against America, capitalism and traditional values, while simultaneously pimping the siren’s song of socialism and extolling the if-it-feels-good-do-it, me-first lifestyle.
    It’s getting to the point where I can’t stomach ANYTHING coming out of Tinseltown anymore.
    Trouble is, my kid doesn’t have the experience or internal checks that I do. So he is feeding at the trough of cultural self-annihilation, and there’s very little I can do about it….

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