The Color of Astroturf really is “Green”

See Green-Groups money at work 

A search of publicly available records reveals a web of connections between environmental groups in and out of Colorado. National and out-of-state environmental organizations have poured money into the coffers of various green organizations within the state of Colorado, money which then can be traced to lobbyists, activist efforts, get-out-the-vote (GOTV) operations, and candidates running for local, state, and federal offices…

Coloradans for Clean Energy was created for the 2004 election cycle to facilitate the flow of money into Colorado. The bulk of the funding for the group came from organizations outside Colorado. Of all the large money donors for Coloradans for Clean Energy, only three were from Colorado.  Those groups kicked in roughly $300,000, or roughly 30 percent of total funding received by Coloradans for Clean Energy that cycle. Nine groups of large donors from outside the state combined to contribute $420,000.

Out-of-State Contributions to A Smarter Colorado ($2,900,000)

The Nature Conservancy – $1,500,000
Conservation Campaign – $25,000
The Conservation Fund – $50,000
The Environmental Defense Fund – $110,000
The national Sierra Club – $295,000
Big Hen Corp – $100,000
Partnership Project – $26,000
The American Alliance for Economic Development – $50,000
The National Education Association – $110,000
The Sonora Institue – $210,000
Arabella Legacy – $174,000
Tudor Jones Investments – $250,000
Iberdrola Renewables – $35,000

Some “local organization” huh?
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