Used Car Hunting

My buddy Rick at Traction Control needs a used truck to haul stuff, a $500 truck.  Remember those?  *Obama*?


I forget, did we DESTROY all the good, used-car inventory for the Obama-Doner-1%ers, or for GM and the UAW (but I repeat myself), or was it to benefit green-energy Solyndra and Fisker – and rest of the coal-powered Enviro-Electro’s (like GE! – but I repeat myself)??

Or was it for the loser #Occupy goofballs who HATE cars (except when their parents bring the limo around for dinner at La Cirque)..?

Auto Trader Search Results: We found 0 listings within 25 miles

One listing was found for an Isuzu pickup with 330,000 miles –  180 miles away.

No engine, no transmission. No thanks.


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3 thoughts on “Used Car Hunting

  1. Lots of vehicles got scrapped during the feds trade-in thing. Also, CA pays you to scrap older vehicles, so the wrecking yards pay big bucks for them. You need to spend more here, especially for a truck of any kind. Sometimes cheaper to buy out of state. Depends on how much it will cost you to get it here. My dad used to bring them in two at a time, using a tow bar, from back east.
    Also sucking up our used trucks here are the guys buying them up to run down to Central America. (towbars again) they like the rust free type, diesels especially.

  2. welcome to word press! I’d make the change but apparently if you write on word press they “own” your writing, and I have people that actually want to pay me money for some of this stuff. . so hey. But blogger. . arghhhhhh.

    I like the look of it, and have changed your link on my sidebar.

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