Meanwhile in the Cult-City by the Bay…

Apparently the South-Peninsula Cupertino-Computer-Cult decided that some weird and intrusive kind of .Gov Eco-extortion via “Green-Syndication” was too expensive to be of use to its consumers (and its bottom line), so in a raging, foot-stomping big freak-out the Über-sensitive Hipster-Hoipolloi on the Green-bandwagon up in Frosty SanFrandisco have decided to excommunicate them:

San Francisco plans to suspend purchases of Apple Inc. (AAPL) computers after the company stopped participating in an environmental certification program used by governments and universities to make purchasing decisions.

Will a further level of Unionist leg-breaking and social-extortion now extend to that decision? Or will it have a negligible effect as things move to the Cloud (Of Confusion and Hackability).

The city’s policy doesn’t apply to iPhones and iPads, he said.

So, oOh Noes!! My guess is echoed by the WSJ who state: “Major significance? No,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner, of Apple’s rejection of the standard. “Given the relatively small percentage [of organizations] that require 100% EPEAT-compliance, it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference to Apple.” So the cocaine party in Disco-Town can continue with all righteous anger directed blindly at outsiders who won’t play ball, or suck on them.

UPDATE: On reflection it’s interesting to note how swiftly the city enacted their display of opprobrium – the quick and cutting move to censure and denunciate the Eco-heretical Apple and enact sanctions – almost as if they think someone is watching, someone who desperately cares. Is it Granny-Nancy Pelosi who they seek to placate?

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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile in the Cult-City by the Bay…

  1. The City-funding may end for desktops (and even lap-tops), but so is everything else as iPads and iPhones do more and more work – and it begs the question, why (and how much more money) does TehCity spend on expensive+ fashion-equipment for employees? Why is there no-bid or cost-analysis done in purchasing?


  2. I certainly think that Apple can do as they wish, and piss on everyone else if they don’t like it.

    I’m certain that most of the Apple devotees will continue to use their products, and for no other reason than they DO tend to work, and work well.That is enough, and the eco-phreaks can just sit and spin.


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