Gymkhana: Oh Noes!

Bayou Renaissance Man alerted us to this vid which I sent to a friend yesterday – apparently it’s EVERYWHERE now.

So, some tennis-shoe magnate (sorry, skate-board shoe – who knew there was so much money in sk8in’?) has the cash to splash on his new favorite toy-and-game, good for him! I applaud his effort and ingenuity. I’ve never seen any of the car-drifting “Fast and Furious” type movies, but I imagine he could audition as a driver, and it’s fun to see a city you know well shown-off to such advantage. I’ve tried similar stunts on a Dual-Sport motorcycle in SF, and coming off a street/jump and going downhill the angle/geometry *really* compresses the forks, and then you (may) start to nose-over. You really have to watch the front brake since it’s the only functioning one when you do that, the other wheel is not touching the ground. Plus, all the damn SF trolly-tracks are metal and have ZERO traction, so they’re slippery as snot and they’re in every *corner* too – that and all the man-hole covers and PG&E metal repair-plates – just all kinds of stupid SF crap right where you’ve got the bike banked-over… I’d have to say that in my experience, the car-drivers of SanFrandisco are about the worst-skilled anywhere, and the cars all (or mostly) have seriously beaten and dying clutches from the steep hills.

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