The Stench of Flop-Sweat and Desperation-Lulz

The same people who condemn “money in politics” and the Citizen United decision, a former New York Times reporter and ex-Media Matters executive, have banded together as “The Message,” to produce a satirical video excoriating (satirically) a candidate who’s “too white” for Black voters, and that one that (satirically of course) “lacerates Romney and his advisors (sic) as they prepare for his speech to NAACP in Houston on Wednesday.”

Lacerate?  Srsly??

The group is directed by Razor & Tie co-founder Cliff Chenfeld, former Media Matters for America president Eric Burns, former AOL chief creative officer and co-founder of Michael Wolfson, and former New York Times journalist Andrew Zipern. “The Message’s unique mix of entertainment experience, political and messaging savvy, online creativity and distribution expertise, and a journalist’s eye makes it the platform Democrats and progressives need to lift their voices above the Republicans and have a cultural conversation that molds this election cycle and beyond,” added the release.

Srsly? A “journalists eye”?? Hahahahahaha!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Stench of Flop-Sweat and Desperation-Lulz

  1. The media needs to reconsider their support for Obama as a two-term President. Four more years of such “stuff” from “journalists” will make the word and concept of “journalist” as laughable as “Mother” in “Brave New World.”


  2. Oh, yeah, Democrats and progressives so clearly “need to lift their voices above the Republicans.” Wouldn’t hardly know they existed, would we?


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