New Black Panther Homey meets the Lordz of the Mexican Ku-Klux-Klan

In a situation worthy of a mash-up between segregationist George Wallace and George Orwell’s 1984 MiniTru we have Atty. General Eric Holder At National Council Of La Raza Convention Promises Aggressive Civil Rights Protection. Special exemptions for those who seek a Superior “Equality” of their own. And as such;

The U.S. Justice Department will aggressively protect the civil liberties, voting rights and safety of Latinos in the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder promised during a Saturday address at the National Council of La Raza Convention in Las Vegas.

Those of you not belonging to a Specially Protected Group can just move along now, nothing to see here, it’s not for you this whole “Equality” shenanigans-thing.
Meanwhile Holder has refused to turn over documents related to Fast and Furious, a botched and utterly reckless BATFE “investigation”/operation that was cleared at the highest levels and designed to manipulate public opinion, and was an attempt to track run (or walk) guns purchased in the United States through a couple known informants who had DEA protection, those rifles purposely funneled to violent drug cartels in Mexico without ANY notice to the Mexican Government – unlike an earlier Bush Administration operation had attempted, and been shut-down – for the same, huge risks involved.

One of these guns was later found at the scene of a shootout where an American law enforcement officer died shooting BEAN-BAGS at a heavily-armed Mexican drug-cartel members.

According to HuffPo, “The precise role Justice Department officials of Fast and Furious played in making the gun available remains unclear. Holder is the first sitting cabinet secretary in U.S. history to face a contempt charge.”

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