Strange Dreams of the Googleplexopolis

Had a dream last night about the things we do to verify words when we post on a blog. You see some semi-scrambled letters and a shape.  Word-verification ensues.  You name “it” to have your comment posted and read by others – you hope.  Some have it turned-on, others (like me) have turned it off.  There is some suggestion that the latest iteration of random letters and a picture is simply a means of training the Google-bot.  We do its recognition for it and help fill a database of shapes – numbers seen from a distance, like street-numbers on a wall, and by this action we are doing the bidding of the Masters – or at least the Googlopoly.  They’re just down the street from here, starting in what used to be the Silicon Graphics building they have grown to cover a massive amount of local real-estate.

And so, I dreamed that I was with some friends and someone with a very decisive voice said, “We’re done! The data is complete!” That being the data-set for an equivalent of the letter “G” or “C” – something like that.  And something about that decisiveness, the tone and quality of it said to me, “No it’s a trick, they are not done as they claim to be – in fact the voice is not a real voice and the sequence is still being rendered – it’s a synthetic, robotic/android voice created from the sequence itself to disguise and fool.”  And there was a name attached, “Tyler Durden.”  I’ve never consciously heard this name before, but in the gray dark-night I got up to go take a leak and I wrote it down since it seemed emphatic and important – and then I went back asleep to dream of something else.  This morning I Googled it.

I’ve never paid any-much attention to Fight Club, never saw the movie. I am aware of it mainly as a bit of pop-culture, first as a book that came out when I was working on eBooks, and later a movie with Brad Pitt.  There is a certain mystique about the writer and the characters, but I never engaged in any of the theorizing about it or the deep meaning it might convey, or the lack of such. All I know is the first rule is to never talk about it, and the cahracters are losers.  Joseph Conrad might be similar (?) but not Kipling or Heinlein – I can only conjecture.  Don’t particularly care either.  Brad Pitt only speaks to me from the cover of silly magazines at the supermarket check-out line, tawdry tales of beauties and mutants and beautiful mutants from Hollyweird.  I think the last movie I saw with him in it was, “A River Runs Through it,” which was OK, but I liked “Snatch” better when he had the weird Irish-Pikey accent that was completely unfathomable – so I must have seen two movies with him – and another was a Western. Three? What’s he really famous-for, besides being beautiful?  I dunno or care.  It’s a complete mystery to me where “Tyler Durden” came from, or how it ties-in to this, or whether it just bubbled-up from some late night gastronomic event? It was just a  dream.

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5 thoughts on “Strange Dreams of the Googleplexopolis

  1. You've never read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross? It's an interesting book, but out-of-print now, and used copies go for insane amounts of $$.
    There's one particular guy who uses Tyler Durden, but I don't have the page bookmarked, and can't seem to find it now.
    When I find it, I'll send you the link.


  2. The name “Tyler Durden” is also used by a few outspoken people who post on various blogs, similar to people who use “Henry Bowman.”.
    I thought “Fight Club” was an interesting movie, and it's definitely turned into a cult film.


  3. That was a cool bit and probably the last film I attended. At least it's safe to say it wasn't a dream about or with him in it, but where did the name originate?


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