Congressional Restraint/Complete Capture Bill

The Legislative Restraint Amendment: Make this one an easy-to-read No-Escape Bill: “Congress, the Senate, and the Judiciary shall pass NO bill, law, or regulation to which they themselves or their friends or families or anyone associated with them, individually or collectively, is in any way are exempt.  Congress, the Senate, and the Judiciary shall be subject to the exact same laws, taxes, restraints and regulations, from Insider-Trading to Healthcare with the same penalties and punishments that they enact on the Citizenry and which every Citizen enjoys, with no special exemptions whatsoever anywhere anytime forever and ever.  And perjury begins with a 2-year minimum sentence.

Then we go with an Anti-Bureaucracy Amendment that reduces the size and scope of the machinery of despotism and hegemony.   All Bureaus, Committees, Departments and Offices are subject to review, diminishment, and come with an expiration date.

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3 thoughts on “Congressional Restraint/Complete Capture Bill

  1. No exemption clause and term limits are two areas where I think the founding fathers fell down on the job of drafting the constitution.
    The sunset rule on bureaucracies is a capital idea.
    vote the bums out. All of them.


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