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How Britain Became so Rotten a State (also on Amazon)

So much of this reminds me of where California is today, and how it got there/here is similar.
Replace Health with Education in the sub-quote and the trend is the same – but under some of our laws Health is also the same… We are 47th in Science, despite the enormous State expenditures in “Education” – so it seems absolute dollars are not the answer, and more than 68% of Californians live in metro areas so the Redneck-factor and Hillbilly-quotent is negligible in regards to outcomes. The money simply doesn’t make its way into the classrooms, Bureaucracy and Unions eat it up.  And Obamacare is going to mimic what is already happening in Britain’s healthcare.  It’s a disaster run by morons and greedy imbeciles.

Much of Britain’s current public debt was accrued through massive increases in public expenditure during Labor’s period in office on public services such as health, education and welfare. In a chapter devoted to each, Butler shows how unproductive such increased spending has largely been in terms of improving these services. Here are some illustrative vignettes:

On health: ‘We spend more than any other European nation on cancer treatment, but still have some of the worst cancer survival rates in the European Union… We are the fifth richest country in the world, but we are far down the league tables in terms of medically preventable deaths. [181] ‘A disproportionate amount of the extra hundreds of billions put into the NHS had gone on administration. Since 1995, the number of senior managers in the NHS has increased by half… against a rise of just 8 per cent in the number of qualified nurses, and a fall in the number of hospital beds.’ [188-189]

One by one, Butler explains how each of the country’s traditional constitutional restraints on uncurbed executive power was deliberately weakened, if not altogether discarded, by New Labor in pursuit of their master political project which was, having come to equate the national good with that of their own party, to perpetuate their hegemony indefinitely…

Symptomatic of the political rot to which New Labor rule subjected Britain were the regular leaks by ministers and press officers, and the spin routinely put upon official government reports and press briefings.


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  1. The NHS is a wierd construct with hospitals resembling those found in the third world yet with others nearby being state of the art. My families experiences have all been positive but I know of others who have suffered disasterously.


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