Soldier’s Angels and The Resurrection of Major Chuck

H/t Kevin
Today is the seventh anniversary of the resurrection of Maj. Chuck Zeigenfuss, who was blown up by an Iraqi IED in 2005.
Chuck is the creator of the Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT program that provides technology to help wounded service personnel adapt to their injuries.
Project Valour IT has been the designated charity the Gun Blogger Rendezvous has supported since the second gathering in 2006, and Chuck himself has been guest of honor three times. But in this morning’s post, Chuck asks:

I would appreciate it if you would consider making a donation today to Project Valour-it; the silver lining to this story. We’re currently out of funds to provide wounded troops with the same tech that helped me recover.

This shall not stand. Please, if you can spare it, dig deep and contribute whatever you can.

Click on the picture to go to the donation page or look to the side-bar Soldier’s Angels link. And please spread this around.

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