The Gentleman’s Folder

I’ve had small knives since I was small, but when I was seven, with allowance money earned from making my bed each day and other household chores, I was allowed to buy myself a Cub-Scout lock-blade folder. It required a note from my Mom, and with that the man running the Boy-Scout supply-shop in town sold it to me. Both my older brother and I had those early knives for whittling.
I have a couple Swiss Army knives, a couple Leathermen multi-tools, my Kukri, and some bayonets to go with various rifles; the Krag pig-sticker, a Utica M1 Garand bayo and an Arial Cutlery M1 Carbine bayo. Swords have always held a certain appeal, and I was fencing (foil and saber) for a few years in College and – but I’m not a big knife-guy, not much more than utilitarian purposes require.
The household kitchen is well equipped with German steel, but I mainly prepare food nowadays with a couple Japanese Santoku’s we picked up at Long’s on Maui when the condo-provided implements proved to savagely dull and unworkable.
And so anyhow, I got a hankering for a blade that would compliment the Gentleman’s Heater I recently acquired.  Something stainless with bone scales. I looked online at Amazon and came across a somewhat familiar name – Kit Carson. The M4.

Classy and stylish, the M4 knife hits all the required notes – but I had to get it for another reason. Back in Ancient History Daze, pre-WWII when my dad was a kid, his social-climbing mom went researching the family archives in order to ensure her ability to hob-nob with the local chapter of the DAR – and she came across a family link to the legendary Kit Carson. The real clincher to the DAR membership was a Revolutionary War brigadier general who fought (and was killed) in South Carolina, but Kit Carson was an interesting rock to turn-over, and since early boyhood-time with the Cub-Scout knife and all, I have had a small, reddish-brown, cloth bound book copyright 1941 of the American Adventure Series KIT CARSON – by “Frank L. Beals, Assistant Superintendent Chicago Public Schools.” It’s a kind of school-book or something, with questions at the end of each (short) chapter, and as much Legend and Fable as anything else – but written in pencil are some of the first underlining and notes I ever took. Kit Carson.
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  1. When in America I always enjoy the sight of people with leathermen on their belts, as usual completely illegal here as god knows what a responsible working adult would get up to if allowed out with such a featsome device in public.

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