Zombie Ammo II

Drudge Report claims reference CBS-Detroit saying, “Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks” – ZOMG!!
So my question is, is Detroit particularly susceptible for some reason? Like because it’s a Zombie City or Ghost Town?
I know a lot of bloggers/CCW holders are on the fence or quite IXNAY about the Zombie Ammo 1.) since the box has a disclaimer, and 2.) “Every Bullet has a Lawyer Attached.”
Perhaps the disclaimer is for Zombie Lawyers like Gloria Allred who has decided to insert her slimy and viscous presence, python-like, into the proceedings?
As a Zombie-snake? Must be something about Florida and snakes and Haiti nearby – and Canada to the north… 

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4 thoughts on “Zombie Ammo II

  1. I dunno about the tongue-in-cheek marketing stuff from Nebraska, but I've been going heavy on mil-spec 5.56 for a while now.

    How much is enough?

    The more news I pay attention to, the more I buy, if that's any indication.


  2. Yep – I picked up a couple of boxes at the last gun show – was actually cheaper than the Critical Defense ammo on which it is based. If a ZA ever does occur (in whatever guise it takes) I don't think that lawyers will be much to worry about……..


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