Skeezy-lech Man-skank Birthday

Today the Googlezoids’ own Calendar add-on “US Holidays” lists (today) as a Birthday-holiday for skeezy lecherous man-skank and amyl-nitrate popping drug-addict, the  former President JFK, but nobody I know gets the day off – is it a Post Office thing?

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4 thoughts on “Skeezy-lech Man-skank Birthday

  1. Hey B&N sounds good! That part of CA isn't all patchouli stinking hippies, and the Coastal Elites believe the Mid-West and Flyover Country begins at the Central Valley.
    The CE's also think they own Yosemite – but there's hundreds of little dirt roads that snake around the High Country where the Donner Party traveled… Somewhat further north, Map-Google “Ebbetts Pass, Toiyabe National Forest, Alpine, California” sometime and look for all the little dirt-roads… Dual-sport heaven.


  2. I was kinda out your way about a month ago. I was a last minute kinda thing that my wife put together with one of her cousins from der Vaterland.

    Got a flight to Sacremento and then drove down through the central valley (should I capitalize that?) and hung a left at Merced (I think), on our way to the mountains and Yosemite.

    My first ever trip to Cali, if you can believe it. VERY beautiful. Could, Hell WOULD, like to get lost in there for a while with the right car, a camera, and the time and money to burn.

    It was only a week, so it was too short. I'm sure we'll be back sometime, as both the Kraut and I have the travel bug, and love the mountains…which reminded me of a little town that's at the south end of the range, just out of King's Canyon, that we ran through on our way to Red Rock and then throught the desert (ick!). We ran through the town of Exeter, and man was that a neat little place, almost stuck in time! Orange groves everywhere and they were all in full bloom. I couldn't believe the strength of the aroma.

    Anyway, I'll try to get something up and a bit a story written for my place, hopefully soon.


  3. Funny you should mention JFK in such a way; most seem to adore him, but I'm not one of those most. Comparatively to the current sleezeball, I suppose he's OK, but that's setting the bar a bit too low for any sort of standard.

    Amyl-nitrate, huh? Did he and Marilyn engage in, uh, deviant sorts of reversal role playing? Wouldn't have thunk it from him.

    Whatever…I guess I'd like to go back to vacation, which reminds me, I need to put up a pic or two.


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