More turtles – no pants.

There were seven in this fishbowl being Maytagged around by the surge, but none the worse for it -I had to stay out or be tumbled-up with them, the water was THIN and I could barely float in – besides avoiding shin-whacking by the fins. But they dont bite – not me anyhow.

UPDATE: Jeebus !  WTF is wrong with NEU BLOGGER??? You try to do a simple f*ing embed in a g**daMN stupid-simple post, and all you get is HTf*ingML script????

Gadzooks you gunny peoples do all kinds of weird stuff in two weeks – and the politics is definitely crazy-whack – but Mr. Completely shoots for GOLD!

And I am all excited to be able to go to the Gunblogger Rendezvous (v. 7) this year.

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