Gunnies and Golfers

I don’t know what the big deal each h8in’ the other is all about. Territoriality? Each has to accurately estimate distances, and follow-through is crucial to each discipline. Each is accustomed to spending big bucks on bits of iron – you think an AR is expensive? Have you priced a set of Tour Pro level just WEDGES lately? Yeh, me neither – each game has a level of cost that is prohibitive for the duffer. Lotsa Golfers carry Leupold range-finders, and lotsa rifle shooters have to hold in weird positions. For each, the best houses are on the range, and each set of equipment should be insured, and the actual top-performers are quite athletic, unlike me. Most of the golf ranges are realistic and visible, for instance here the cart is 200-225 yards, for an M1 Garand shooter that’s twelve to thirteen clicks come-up off the bottom…

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6 thoughts on “Gunnies and Golfers

  1. Crashr, there is no valid defense of the thing called “golf.” But congratulations on the best effort I've seen in a long time. 🙂


  2. My Dad is an avid golfer as are all the brothers. I asked one od them once, when he lost yet another expensive ball why he just didn't use “old” balls, and he just grinned and said he didn't have any. He's getter pretty good now though and it's easier to get him stuff for his birthday as there is ALWAYS expensive golfing accessories (I have to, he fills my Christmas stocking with ammo every year).


  3. Old NFO – Leupold sells a lot of the same range-finders to golfers – but in bright colors instead of just black – I bet many golfers choose black without even thinking “tactical!”


  4. Well, it would make a nice shooting range. Or an airfield. Ever see the one below the Flying Lady? That was a neat restaurant/museum. I was there when the Ford Trimotor had returned from being used in the Indian Jones movie. Still had the fake mud splashed on just one side…
    The golf course was the airstrip for the museum. You could see the tire marks in the grass, between the trees.

    I wonder, what ever happened to all the stuff they had there? I'm assuming it was all sold to pay for the lawsuits from the collapsing deck, but don't know.


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