Drown the AKittens!

H/T Say Uncle and some good AK pr0n.

Tricked out AKs at St. Petersburg Open Championship
wayfaerer320 posted photos of the St. Petersburg Open Championship. The police and counter-terrorism officers are carrying some really tricked out AK-style rifles with plenty of AR-15 accessories added. Magpul stocks are popular (with an AK stock adapter) as are EOTech scopes.

In discussion among the comments it is revealed that the problem with Izhmash tanking (they’re bankrupt) and of Kalashnikov’s in various types and calibers generally, is because of the Soviet-style command economics there is an oversupply of AKs in Russia.  Since they are basically Teh Bomb and indestructible, Izmash is literally underwater – they haz lost the market because of flooding ze pool…

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