Global Cult of Ice and Fire

What modern people tend to forget (and think, “Oh my goodness, *how highly improbable!*”) is that the 15,000+ year old ancient pagan alignment of Earth-Mother worship always requires a blood sacrifice, hot or cold, adult or child, one way or the other – it’s Nature’s way and you can’t really “modernize” it with some superficial “tribal” tattoos and hipster moral equivalence. Something not even the much vilified Catholic Priests are accused-of. The Racist Progressives of a near-Century ago (and lingering today among the Elite), from Wilson to Dewey were as hip and modern and aligned and Educated as they could possible be, and practically worshiped Social Darwinism – partly out of self-interest because it put them at the cutting edge of the Social Awareness, and it was they who lead the charge of Eugenics to cleanse and detoxify the societal-body. The President of Stanford University (at who’s Junior-High named school I attended) wrote the damn book on it: The Blood of the Nation: A Study in the Decay of Races by the Survival of the Unfit. Can’t get much more West-Coast Progressive than that, supported by the moral-equivalent Unitarians who believe in God – or whatever you want to believe-in, here have a cup of coffee fellow, and shelter from the cold… And now they are trying to de-couple the historical link and frame it in another way to preserve their position among the Leadership Elites.

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12 thoughts on “Global Cult of Ice and Fire

  1. Why is it than when Certain People (D) disagree with you, they always use the words “hate” and “bigotry”?
    Oh, and “racist.” You forgot that one, Anonymous….


  2. Good points – strong convictions are points and strong reactions, to win is to weaken.
    I kinda think it's still happening all the time, everywhere over and over again – the tension between the One and the Many – that, “I am legion” is a job-description AND a breath-mint…so easily swallowed.


  3. By the way, I like your segue regarding the Eugenicists. They imagined themselves the modern, scientific practitioners of their ideal of natural selection.
    But the aesthetics of atheism can lead to mass-murder by much simpler, less rationalized routes.
    If there is no One God, no Creator and therefore no afterlife and no absolute right and no possibility of retribution, then whoever wields power is god. And the pursuit of absolute power is god's work. Hence the millions of shallow graves scratched out of the Earth by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and a thousand other god-king butchers.


  4. I get you, Keith.
    One thing I will disagree with, however, is your opening sentence. Modern people don't “tend to forget” the blood-necessity of paganism; they've been purposely mislead — lied to, that is — by an elite (and their minions) who have everything to gain if the One True God is smacked down and the Golden Calf returned to its former prominence.
    It's all part of the cultural war we are living in the midst of, and for people to be made more pliable, strong moral convictions must be eradicated, or at least eroded.
    Thusly, the increasing crescendo of attacks on organized religion and the substitution of “science” as a superior belief system (in quotes because real science eschews absolute belief in itself).
    Sad times, indeed.


  5. Mmmm… Practice was a reply to “fundy” Anon 3:46 – and then I was rambling Anthrospeak with some uncertain of intermediary conclusions! Of course Brahmins would accuse the British/Clergy as a duality, that's their nature – not to mention a few things that happen out of sight that they do in the jungle.
    It also occurrs to me that all the killing and child-sacrifice is what collapsed the Aztecs and Mayans nearly as much as any European misadventures. They dredged their own gene-pools to shallow depths, and shattered relationships with other peopeles who might have come to their aid but who came to ensure their destruction instead, or just packed it in and went off to the forest rather than put-up with more of that.
    Zoroastrians worshiped fire as a miracle of God because it simply erupts from the ground in the location where they originated, and then as leisure-time grew with fertile crops, developed the philosophical side of Ahura Mazda and his duality.
    And basic 1,000-era Euro-paganism was weak and moribund while the wealthy Vikings flourished in-spite of it instead of because of it – they lost concern and the Old Gods truly were a thousand years old and out of date, something of a cartoonish joke instead of revered figures by the time they had to put up one last fight – and lost. Gotterdamerung happened and Asgard fell, mortally wounded.
    Just my anthropological thoughts wandering in the wilderness.


  6. More because it perfectly emulated British sports cars of the 60's, only it worked, actually had heat and didn't drip all of its oil out all over the garage floor.

    But mostly because I'm not entirely sure where you're going with this. I refrained from referring to the Great Wise Light Bulb because you very carefully made no explicit claims or statements about monotheism. I addressed only the claim about claims against Catholic priests, which is actually a claim they have had to deal with from the outset. There's even a scene in the movie Gandhi where it comes up.

    God always demands a blood sacrifice.

    For many centuries they have been at some theological pain to both affirm and deny at the same time that communion is a cannibalistic blood sacrifice ritual. In any case it is certainly an abstracted form of it.

    As such, while I accept your premise as simple fact, I'm not sure how it leads to your intermediary conclusion. Clearly sacrifice can be, because it is, modernized away by various methods of abstraction.

    Which is not to say that those that do so represent those elites of the “deeper mysteries.” The useful, ignorant fools of the congregation always outnumber the high priests. Therefore my rejection of the intermediary does not imply I reject the ultimate.


  7. This is my body, this is my blood. Without blood sacrifice there is no Catholicism, they have simply tried to de-couple the historical Judean link and frame it in another way to create their position among the Leadership Elites.


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