Laser with a Bang

I can safely say that whatever issues I encounter in my upcoming class, they won’t be the fault of the projectile ignition-launching device…wow!  Dead-center hits whenever you want them.

UPDATE: I ran 320gr. 230gr. white-box ball-ammo from seven different, seven-round Kimber KimPro magazines, the Tripp Research (7-rd), and the Ed Brown (7-rd), first on some NRA #B3 50-foot pistol targets, at 21-feet.  I had some JHP already loaded up in three magazines and shot on these Shoot-N-C’s, all without a magazine hitch.

The first shot on each touched the center.  My glasses worked OK but it’s more that my vision at arm’s length is sub-par, than anything else.  I found the link and also figured out how to press down on the safety-paddle and bring the gun back on target fast, and right-on WestOfTheWest, the beavertail did its job.

I needed to get that out of the way and test my magazines anyhow – you can’t go to class unprepared.  I’m glad to get the accuracy uncertainty out of the way especially, everything in class will be a personal learning experience and all mistakes directly tied to operator error.

And now I have to clean some stainless steel, mostly soot on the end of the pretty-shiny BadBadThang – I wonder if Barkeeper’s Friend is good for this job?
UPDATE: Oh yeh, the Tripp Research magazine is real slick, an absolute delight, a stunner – I’m loving it. Sublime.

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9 thoughts on “Laser with a Bang

  1. 320gr.? Hmmm, that'll leave a mark. And in white box too. Who'da thunk? Anyway, well done, and go get 'em in your up comming class.


  2. Cleanup is real easy! I wiped off the powder-soot with a microfiber towel from Costco, those ones that come in a big bundle.
    I'm in awe of this thing. It's like going to the 10yr. Class Reunion with knock-out a bathing-suit model who's a triple-black belt ninja Fulbright Scholar from Oxford – kinda like Tam!
    I'm not worthy.


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