The thing about hoodies…

As Miguel explains, your peripheral vision is restricted and you can get leveled.

So you may go about with toasty-warm ears – even in the summer that being a fashion statement, it also puts you in Condition White.
People don’t fear what they can easily see and acquaint themselves, they fear the hidden because everybody knows it’s the one you DON’T see that get’s you. Hiding your eyes doesn’t help you hide from reality.  It’s still out there.
That and the Tuller Drill quick-rush – a man can move pretty damn fast. 
To see the eyes is to know, friend or foe.

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12 thoughts on “The thing about hoodies…

  1. I've known this for years … that's why I roll the front of my hoodie back. My ears are covered, but peripheral is still clear


  2. cspradlin:

    Most people are oblivious to their surroundings. Unless he fired that gun, it's not visible to them. He's not jumping around, waving it, yelling, etc… In other words, he's just part of the scenery to some, and to those who notice, they have no idea how to respond, if they even wanted to get involved. This may be the definition of sheeple.

    The other angle is, any response other than overwhelming force as was done, may lead to his, or your, gun being fired. Over a handful of cash that's not yours.

    As I mentioned earlier, a large bottle applied to his head would probably be the best response by a customer close to him. Nothing less effective would be safe, and simply shooting him would probably cause you too much legal trouble, unfortunately.


  3. Anyone else notice that people are just watching this and doing nothing, and that there are people STILL FRACKING LINING UP AT HER TILL?

    And people wonder why I sometimes think that the world would be better off AFTER the apocalypse when there are no people left.


  4. kfg – bikes and car-doors…

    Linoge – I know what you're saying about glasses and glasses and hoods don't mix at all. I wear a hat or cap in the rain, rather than a hood.

    Will – I bet it felt good though!

    John – We also miss seeing a bunch of locally sanitized stuff that shows up elsewhere!


  5. Longer reach than a baseball bat, but I'll bet it was hard on his hands.

    If that clerk had a short bat/club at her station, she could have split his skull when he stooped down to pick up the dropped money. A nice heavy wine/booze bottle would have done just as well for her, maybe better.


  6. Crap on a crutch. Dropped him like a sack of potatoes.

    I rather dislike my new eyeglasses' frames, simply because the earpieces are larger than I thought they were and positioned perfectly to block my peripheral vision… Suffice to say, hoods are not my thing.


  7. Once upon a time, in a youth far, far away, I almost got leveled while bicycling in cold weather. I turned my head to check traffic and found myself looking into the inside of my hood; and thus blind.

    I still wear hoods now and again, but I wear them detached, thank you very much.


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