Flight Trajectory

I’m going to have to do a little reading-up on Les ballisticals externalisimus.
My modest familiarity with the liquid tumblers of arc-perfection is with the standard white-box Ford Model-T delivery system, a curvaceous but blunt nose bevvy comprising a weight of 230-grains, meandering along the daisy-strewn, dusty country road at a leisurly 800-odd fps.  But sometime in my misspent youth and misbegotten past, while dumpster-diving for my meager ammo collezzione, I acquired some hot-rod dance-hall exotica: 185-grain pretty-pretties.  So, how flies this Flieger-Abteilung – Jagdstaffel Aschenbecher45?

Looking at the box-price I remember wistful days of gainfully exuberant employment – I don’t think I’m gonna be able to afford shooting some multiple-of-hundreds in class, and will use the Model-T’s for that.

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7 thoughts on “Flight Trajectory

  1. Nah, the heavy stuff hits higher, at least with handguns. If I shoot 240gr .44 special in my Charter Bulldog, it's like launching a mortar round, hits much higher than the 200gr stuff I normally use. Same with the .38 Charter, the 158gr is much higher than the 125gr it likes. Also beats the crap out of my hands with those light guns.

    It's a combo deal, more dwell time in the barrel, and more recoil lifting the muzzle while it's in there.

    I suspect that those hot 185gr loads are harder on the guns, as they appear to develop higher slide velocities. Mechanical and spring timing becomes more sensitive when it moves faster. Might cause some reliability issues, if anything is questionable internally. Especially mags. Also, remember, the shorter the slide, the quicker the cycle time.


  2. Skip – Good idea, I still only reload for the rifle.
    Will – Light-weight and extra speed should hit higher than POI, but John Moses intended 230 grains right?


  3. CorBon's original 185gr was rated at 1170fps, IIRC. At 10yds, it shot about an inch lower than point of aim. Had to stop using it, started flinching with my LT WT Officers. Moved to the 200gr load, still very hot, but it hit about an inch above POA.

    The latest CorBon 185 is downloaded 100fps, to 1070fps.

    That original 185 load didn't move steel plates very well. Way different impact sound from the 230gr std stuff. More a PING! than a clang.


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