They Say: "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade Now."

No.  So, if it’s the NEW look LikeItOrNot, maybe it’s time to up-end the pen and put away the blog, or move it to WordPress… That could be a challenge.

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11 thoughts on “They Say: "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade Now."

  1. Well, basically I chose it over any other because I know several other bloggers who are on it. It has some nice ways to reply to comments (on your blog and any other blog) without having to check back on each post. It has a very nice android app (if mobile is your thing) that makes it much easier to use on mobile than blogger. The user interface isn't quite as user friendly than the old blogger, but unlike blogger I haven't had any problems with scheduling posts. It's separate from Google. Like anything else, there are tradeoffs, but I think I made a good decision.


  2. I really didn't find it that difficult to move. WordPress copied over all of my old posts and comments just fine. The hardest part was trying to make sure people used to the old blog knew I was switching. I think my traffic dropped off by half, but I sure like wordpress a whole lot more…


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