I found it…

A flaw! In an otherwise entirely smooth surface.  This thing is insane.

Ha! But seriously, do I have to now go out and buy a lot of ultra high-zoot extended pinkie-finger expensive ammo, with nickle-plated cases and ferocious meplats, and names like Dragon’s Claw, Triple-Talon, Carried-by-Six, and Luft-Gruppe Aschenbecher Zwei???

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7 thoughts on “I found it…

  1. Is there a matching ding in the hammer clearance slot of the beavertail?

    No matter, it should not see the light of day, as the proper position of a 1911 type hammer is full cock.

    Well, except when it is positioned for dis-assembly, as shown.

    The thing about ammo is, it's kind of like what mom's say regarding underwear. If somebody ends up seeing it, are you going to be embarrassed by the type or condition?


  2. Touché and bonus points, Dr.! We mustn't have gaps and need the 10-to-one ration of highly stimulating…

    RHT447 – Running dumpster finds through this might be a bit smelly but it's good to know. Russians just bury the ammo out in a field but we have to do it different when the fields are paved.

    Guffaw – I'm a bit in awe to be the owner now, seriously – but how does it get a nick right there?
    I aint touching it.


  3. Well, obviously you could if the mood strikes you. The really cool part is that the quality piece you have there will run (if need be)with the stuff you scrounge from the bottom of the dumpster at the back of the alley.


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