Boothroyd, Bond, Dickens, and Colt

Reading Geoffrey Boothroyd’s thickly written and heavy magnum opus, The Handgun last night, I was delighted to encounter a fascinating bit of history.
In the course of development towards the finalization and pinnacle of the percussion revolver (prior to the emergence of the metallic cartridge revolver) in England, in 1854 a certain well-known writer named Charles Dickens took a tour of Samuel Colt’s newly built factory located at Bessborough Place, Millbank, by Vauxhaul Bridge in London, and in May of the same year wrote about it in his magazine, Household Words.
The writing and perspective is surprisingly modern and contemporary (at least from this from this distance), and expresses the view of what must have been a rather impressive establishment. He writes about the workplace and the jobs that the workers do, and also dweells on the beneficial social impacts that machine-equipment and machine-work can bring about, both physically and culturally.
The episode occurs/appears on p. 211 of Vol. 305, under the heading Revolvers. It also appears in the Appendix (page 29) of Colt’s own book, On the application of machinery to the manufacture of rotating chambered-breech fire-arms and their peculiarities.
Art any rate it rates a mention and a reading – as good as reading Hatcher’s Notebooks.
Geoffrey Boothroyd is known as the man who taught Ian Fleming a thing or two about pistolcraft, and in a letter told Fleming to ditch the .25 caliber Beretta Jetfire that Bond was using. In the Bond-series movies he appears played most famously by Desmond Llewelyn but also John Cleese, as “Q” or Major Boothroyd of the Q-Branch.  Desmond Llewelyn passed away in 1999 and the actual Geoffrey Boothroyd followed in 2001.

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