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I have been advised in Comments of the need to take more than one or two magazines to my 1-day Defensive Handgun Safety and Manipulation course (with the esteemed Louis Awerbuck) so as not to be constantly off-focus and re-loading, and miss what is being taught. So, on the sage advice of the Goddess of Gunology, (primary among others) and in an effort to NOT be That Guy (who I so often-are) magazines are wear items, and I have been planning and preparing in advance. Today reading ToddG‘s brief on human potential, The Wrong Gun, he discusses the emotional attachment that people develop to the choices they made/make – a kind of false-conscioussness of gunnery that is common and evident among Teh Gun-Culture, and then seek to justify it.
In my case the Sig P220 is there in my “collection” because 1.) it is/was an affordable used-gun choice with a good record of accuracy, 2.) came with the recommendation from a friend who carries one, and 3.) if I have to ever actually *use* it I’m going to lose it to the Po-leece – and that is NOT something I want to happen to my beloved 1943 1911A1. So in effect it’s disposable and replaceable as circumstances may warrant. And since one-is-none I went and bought a second, so now I am also doubly-financially invested, and my emotional attachment is also growing. And since I have been preparing by acquiring additional magazines…

It seems I now have twelve (thanks Unc!)  – good thing I didn’t pay retail or I would be invested close to $400 for all this, and I get real emotional about that amount of money…

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11 thoughts on “Taking Stuff to a Class

  1. I wonder if one of those little voice recorders would help for “note taking”. Nothing like having the man's voice right there when you do your own internal AAR a day or so afterwards.


  2. JumptheStack – Thanks! The first things I did was read your write-up – sorry Tam! 😉 So, seven 8-rounders will suffice. Plus I will bring Uncle's old 7-rounder to see if it's spring-sacked or not.
    I need to get a good notebook too.


  3. Awerbuck's classes are low round count. You're looking at shooting about 150-200 for the whole day on average. Enough mags to hold about 50 rounds is more than enough.

    Re: labeling mags, I use a paint pen from Walmart and write a letter indicating my name and then a number.


  4. Will re: Numbering mags, I was just thinking/wondering about such a system.

    drjim – I'm probably overdoing it in such a way that I will be seen as “That Guy” whether I like it or not. Maybe I'll only take six, or eight…

    Girl&Gun – Ouch! Try Midway? Maybe they have overnight shipping. I really liked the M&P I looked-at but my money's tied up in Sig-stuff.

    ZerCool – You are most gracious and helpful, thank-you.


  5. AGirl – emailed this to you just in case you don't come back here, but 44mag.com tends to have good prices on factory mags. Right now they're listing M&P9 mags for $25.


  6. The classes I took, Tactical Handgun I and II, I had four magazines. One in the 1911, two in my pouch, and one in a back pocket.
    The instructor always gave us time to reload our mags before he started another drill or lecture.
    The *only* classes I've ever taken where I *really* had to concentrate on keeping the gun well fed were the shotgun classes I took.
    Those things are ravenous when you're workin' em hard!


  7. New kicks to better help pick up spent brass, new gun w/ funky plaggy barrel and a tower of bullet boxes. Well done you!

    As if you didn't have enough already, one more suggestion; +1 on the numbering of mags, a system I've seen used successfully is to put a small dot of fingernail polish at the very base of each mags back wall. By carefully putting a dot on either side of the seam you can number them well enough for the training session but not indelibly. Also, keep two replacement mags in your range bag in case you have to swap out during class.

    Enjoy; we expect the full spectrum AAR of course. 🙂


  8. I've been on the acquiring of magazines binge of late too, and some of them are about sixty bucks a piece (Ouch!), so it's been one or twos here and there.

    I've also been looking for duplicates of said sidearm, similar to your situation…without the results.


    Enjoy your class, sir.


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