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I finally dropped the hammer (and sold enough crap on eBay) to take a pistol shootin’ class in the middle of April. It’s the Stage 1: 1-day Defensive Handgun Safety and Manipulation course at Reed’s, with the instructor Louis Awerbuck, and I’m all excited – so I bought a mag-pouch because I didn’t have one. I’ll take the Sig(s) because I have two, and two is one.

It un-snaps, but only with great difficulty.

Between that and the training barrel I hope to be safe during practice…

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11 thoughts on “Taking a Class

  1. @Jumpthestack … one of the nice things about Louis is that he'll critique your technique before you even realize there's a problem. Top notch all the way!


  2. Thanks everyone for the support, and I think I have enough magazines (see next post), and two P220's.
    I worry more that reloading mags will distract me from a point I should be learning.


  3. Enjoy it, you'll learn a lot. Try to think ahead of time of some questions to ask about anything shooting related, because Q and A with Louis is a good opportunity. If you have any shooting problems (e.g. shooting to the left, or right, or high or low), don't hesitate to ask about it because he can diagnose those really well.


  4. I took an Awerbuck pistol class last fall, and Louis is great. Had me making shots I would never have dreamed I could make. Single shot to the head on a moving target, mixed in with three moving no-shoots? Never would have imagined I could make that shot, but he got me to do it…no one more surprised than me.

    And yes, take lots of mags!


  5. I've taken several of Lou's classes. He's an excellent instructor and you'll learn quite a bit as well as improving your shooting. Take several mags (I'd recommend at least 6, and number them in case 1 acts up), you don't want to be the guy holding everyone else up because you're constantly having to reload mags.


  6. They are excellent mag holders. BTW, if you have a Surefire P6 or similar flashlight, you will find that it will fit in it. Or should fit. If you carry with a flashlight in it, put it in the forward slot, so if you have to grab the light, the mag won't be obvious to others.

    I ended up cutting out the center section between the snaps, so I could fit it over a belt loop for best location. Still holds well after nearly twenty years. Think mine was Galco, but the stamp was in the section I cut off.

    Just cut between the bottom of those two slots, and extend those slots straight up. Mine only had one slot at the bottom, horizontal, so you could carry the mags sideways. Yours doesn't make a lot of sense, except to fit a smaller belt.


  7. Getting formal training by somebody that knows what they're doing is a marvelous experience.
    I try to take the classes offered at my local range once a year, even though I've already had them several times.


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