Light A Candle To Stop Violence

It’s not my carry gun since I’m not in a free-state, but an old 1909 Colt can do the job of stopping a violent person as well as a new one. Violence isn’t an existential abstract *thing* unto itself that floats around in the air like a cloud raining here and there and making some unfortunate people terribly unhappy.
It’s real and personal and committed by people with evil in their heart, not things. It only begets more if the begetter survives his begetting act – stop it in its tracks hard and it’s over.
1909 Colt and Kukri

For every tragedy perpetrated by a lunatic, there are a thousand people who arm themselves and refuse to be made victims – in recognition of those people and in support of our innate human right to be armed, Forgotten Weapons is happy to join the Light a Candle to Stop Violence meme proposed by Weerd.

Whoops – had a weirdness with the post and Forgotton Weapons’ pic.

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8 thoughts on “Light A Candle To Stop Violence

  1. Can't help but notice something strangely hypnotic about the photo in this article: A state-of-the art LED flashlight, illuminating a hundred-year-old revolver design, itself resting atop a thousand-year-old knife design… all instruments of defense, or offense, as the case may be.
    The actors change, but the play remains the same….


  2. Hi B! I've never carried or had a job where that was even remotely a part of things so it would be a whole new experience. I don't go in harms way or even to the East Bay, and hope we can avoid the kind of civil unrest and social dislocation that would necessitate carry – but I'm not totally confident thus the bug-out bags.
    MidwestChick – My wife isn't a fan of semis but that one of yours might do the trick!
    Kaeds, your photos and words do quite well, don't sell yourself short! 🙂 How sad indeed – and well said too – that so many would resort to defenselessness and magical-thinking, hoping to ward-off evil with a stick of wax…


  3. The post removed was me, should put on reading glasses before posting – B.

    Beautiful weaponry. Thank you for sharing. I get a lot of “why don't you move back West to be closer to family”. (75% of them are in California now) I can't. I love them, but I can't live like that. If that was where my job was, I would, but I can do my work from a place where I'm free to carry. We don't all have that option, which is why many of them are there, doing their best for their famlies, but I do.

    Fortunately, my family understands and I spend most of my vacation time and extra $$ to make sure I do have time with them out there. But the time without them, will be on my terms, and armed.


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