Sig P2220 Mainspring Struts 1989 vs. 2004

At the time I announced an #InstallationFAIL upon the Sig Slim-Grips I had purchased I received some feed-flack from a know-nothing fanboy who derided my choice of purchase venue: eBay.
But they were the Full-Factory Original Thangs – just not at factory price$ that I can’t afford.
The mounting problem stemmed from an unannounced (to me anyhow) Sig modernization and manufacturing change, from the old steel mainspring-strut to something rather different.
Anyhow the old grips fit but new ones didn’t and here’s a closer examination and visual explanation of how and why it worked (or didn’t). 
The rear profile of the old grip is noticeably fuller to accommodate the old-style strut, and the new “Slim” grip is unable to maintain that voluptuous contour.

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2 thoughts on “Sig P2220 Mainspring Struts 1989 vs. 2004

  1. You can swap old for new and back again if you wish. I've changed out a couple of my older style mainspring assemblies for the newer kind to get around the grip problem.

    I also think the newer style gives a better trigger pull, but that's probably just me.


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