Bug-Out Zombie New Year

We made an executive decision to upgrade the Zombie bug-out bags.

I think you can probably see why…modernity rears its ugly head.

Shoulder and back suspension mean a EVERYTHING as far as carrying-comfort goes, and the old bags were literally little more than unstructured bags with shoulder straps, and lumpy places where gear could dig into you.

I have always really liked having a separate compartment for sleeping gear, it just makes sense and keeps things clean.

I miss having a couple (or more!) side-pockets because they provide quick and easy access to things, but there’s (1.) a grab-handle for quick Zombie-getaways,(2.) a couple semi-hidden zipper side pockets good for single-stack magazines and maybe a small .38,(3.) a fairly useful internal/external double top-pocket,(4.) an internal flap for a 2-litre hydration system, and (5.) a rain-fly to keep it dry.
I’ll get these packed-up and take some more shots when I’m done.

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4 thoughts on “Bug-Out Zombie New Year

  1. I agree, might as well paint a target on your back. I live in a flood plain, I don't think I need a high dollar multicam pack just to escape rising water.


  2. “Tactical” bug-out bags strike me as a “shoot-first” identifier, instead we wanted something low-key and unobtrusive. Plus I'm not gonna be going all Superman with a 90-lb pack for just three days in the suburbs…


  3. Good upgrade. I'm always glad to see other people who have non-tactical bugout bags. Harness adjustment is key on internal frame packs. There are lot of good tutorials on the net.


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