Rockin’ Old-School Sigstuff

My friend Uncle came across an old Sig magazine in a dark corner from his Gun-snoot dayze, and currently lacking the base launcher while knowing I did not, sent it to me for a very Merry Christmas!
Quel Surprise! And it happens to be an interesting old(er) magazine in the eponymous caliber beginning with a proverbial 4 and ending with a 5.
And anybody who reads this blog knows, I have a thing for magazines and magazine-y stuff.
All my stuff is spankign new and stainless, this is blue and as you can see in the pics, the magazine uses the spring to lock the base (on the side). Also the magazine-spring fits only one-way in the body, with a pronounced anti-tilt follower – it’s kinda cool…it’s a zipperback! Reminds me of a ZZ Top song…

Expect to see a future comparison test of this and my other magazines, where I rapidly empty them to see if there’s any functional compromises…

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