December Practice-Match

I hate getting up early in December, it’s cold and dark, even here.  At first the camera takes a picture of the inside of my windshield – it doesn’t know where to focus.  I need to clean my windshield.

The early light throws shadows on the target frames and on my position on #3, but it brightens up in the usual fashion.

I did pretty well in the rapids and managed to eak-out a 400. I need to practice more often but lately things have just been in the way – things like Hawaii anyhow, so it’s not too bad.
I shot my coveted and dwindling supply of Black Hills 68-grain Match (now Heavy Match) since I was tired of the generous variability offered-up by the Army-issue XM193. I need to shoot better than it allows.
As always, click to embiggenate.

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