We’re Winning…

The somewhat fudley Hunter-Guy store that never carried “black rifles” now does, and Magpul stuff too.

It must have happened a long time ago back when the BayArea was a lot less Bay-Aryan, hipper and less brain-dead Liberal – but try not to do this especially to an early (five digit) commercial:

And that Luger will never have quite the same value either…

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6 thoughts on “We’re Winning…

  1. Hi Jim! I'm kinda thinkin' all this stuff happened a long time ago and it's just coming out of a closet now, after an Estate distribution,
    Godspeed the previous owner…


  2. Ouch.

    It's rare, but once in a while even a classic will demand refinishing. But nothing justifies emery butchering like that of the Colt. There are ways to polish a gun that don't involve a 12-inch wheel at 3450, loaded with 80 grit and leaned on with the full force of Bubba's 280 pounds.

    A few pits left before the parts go to the bluing salts are better than rounded corners and obliterated letting.

    Thank for showing us the “No. Do not do this.” photos.



  3. Nickel or chrome? You can strip it, but they were probably buffed to hell and gone before plating. Might be worth trying, if cheap enough.


  4. It is a good song! I can see some old guy with a pinkie-ring and curly white hair carrying it, “Uncle Angelo” kinda guy – we used to have a lot of those car-dealer guys with the big bouffant-hair wives around here (or in Belmont), semi 'Frisco-Mafiosa


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