M1 Garand – Recoil Experiential Citation Digging

I made a comment somewhere about the difference between the M1 Garand and the bolt-action Enfield, which was not about the speed of working the close-on-cocking action or lock-time, but of shoulder comfort and user-interfaqce issues. I repeated the synopsis of a M1 Garand story I read elsewhere, but can’t now find:

The gas-operation of the M1 Garand also is easier on the shooter’s shoulder than the bolt-action, so the shooter with an M1 can keep on working the rifle after the bolt-action has beaten the other shooter black and blue.
In an early high-volume test of the M1 rifle they ran a squad of men shooting the ’03 against a squad of men shooting Garands, and as the test wore on the ’03 shooters’ accuracy (and freshness) suffered – and on the second day of testing half of the ’03 shooters declined to continue…

I am having trouble finding the exact source. Was it Gen. Julian S. Hatcher? I’ve skimmed through my hardbound copy of Hatcher’s Notebooks and didn’t find it there, and also his Book of the Garand”. I checked my copy of Scott Duff’s “The M1 Garand: World War II, and also The Fighting Garand Owner’s Manual by Nolan Wilson, and a couple othe4r books to no avail.
I know I’ve read this story more than once, and the issue of felt recoil is a reoccurring question among first-time shooters of the M1 Garand who we train in our New Shooter Orientation on the first Saturday of each month at the club – but where is the source of this? The NRA?
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  1. I think you'll find it in the reports of the Army's trials on the M1 (1936?) as replicated in the Oct (?) 1936 issue. Maybe a little later. Kinda foggy now. I seem to remember PO Ackley mentioning the trials.

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