Great Green Soylent Gobs…

…Of soon-to-be asparagus soup: it needs some Half & Half and a pat of butter to lend a silky texture, besides s’more salt an pepper to taste once it get’s on the heat.
A whole freakin’ package of Costco asparagus, parboiled and chilled with a dash of lemon in the water to maintain the green, turned to a puddle.
Silky liquifaction provided by the Vitamix’s 2-Hp motor at 37,000 rpm’s that absolutely obliterates any concept of the word “solid”… Zoom!
(UPDATE: AND a cup-and-a-half of chicken broth – organic, or low-sodium, or otherwise.)

Now we understand how it is possible for a small household of two to buy and use-up a whole flat of vegetables or fruit before it goes bad – this thing absolutely makes the melting-pot…the downside being you have to pee all the time.

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