Tripp Research 7R-45-WG

Haven’t been feeling many probulations for the Bloggnostications and my colon test came back A+ #1 fine without any bending-over or digital inspection necessary – but then this came today.

Thanks to Gun Geek Rants and No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money   I was alerted to the disaster that had struck Texas and one of our/my favorites in particular.

This fire destroyed at least 1,500 homes, most of Bastrop State Park, and resulted in 2 fatalities. One of the houses that burned belonged to Virgil & Shari Tripp of Tripp research and STI fame. Their shop survived but the house is gone.

Tripp Research is Teh Awesomz! Go get yourself some of their gunny-love and superior-cycling magazines – and anything else to keep ’em afloat… Ok “Our Favorites” is bigger than I intended to suggest, since I’m a small-fry, but it provided an excellent excuse to buy a bulletproof 1911 mag!

It’s the 21st Century and now I have a thoroughly modern magazine for the 1943 Colt 1911A1. I am rather looking forward to running this bad boy.

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2 thoughts on “Tripp Research 7R-45-WG

  1. I wish they still cobra chromed, my glock19 has been carried, been to lots of classes and abused for almost a decade and that thing is still gorgeous

    their mags are awesome


  2. The little bump in the bottom of the hollowed out follower should fit in the extractor groove. This is to keep the last round from moving out of position. Mag-Pak used a small ball bearing molded into the follower for this purpose. I wonder how long the bump will last before the brass wears/shaves it away?

    No idea how important it is for the full size guns, but really necessary for the Officers Model (3.5″ barrel). They stove-pipe the last round instead of chambering it, otherwise.


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