Bye-bye Steve

Jobs House on Santa Rita…

I was thinking of him when I drove over to Mom’s to do some Photoshop work on pictures of the old Missionary Days – and the new. My buddy Pete, while working downtown at the appliance shop, sold him a vacuum cleaner – he just walked-in and bought a Miele. The Santa Rita house is next to Jim’s old house, a HS buddy who later moved.
UPDATE (from my comment at SayUncle): I hated the Apple price-point and snooty exclusivity having lived with that Palo Alto attitude shoved up on me most of my life, a cost that was always over my buying power – but he was inventing the future in a way that few are anymore today – all’s we get nowadays are stupid 1930’s Socialist RPG re-treads, what’s so “progressive” about that crap? Gas masks?

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  1. Can't remember who told me this.

    You know HalTed, just off Central Expwy near Costco, was offered a piece of Apple? Jobs and Wozniak wanted to run a tab there in exchange. No deal. I chuckle to myself about that missed opportunity whenever I go there.


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