Google’s new Blogger "interface"

Blech! BLAARG! Whoof!!
Teh Suckages – and it’s not even vomit, that would be colorful and have some texture and evoke an aroma – but this is an endlessly, universally, retching case of paper-white vacant dry-heaves.

It is the Deadlands at the end of the Universe. Corpseville. An empty motel off a dead highway filled with dead leaves and dust.

If they keep this up I’m quitting Google and all their stuff forever.

It’s bad enough to be forced to use suck-ass Google Docs and Google Sites for some(other) web stuff, but I’d rather switch entirely to Yahoo! than use the new butt-ugly nasty design.

I’d switch calendars and EVERYTHING, and use Yahoo mail too.

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4 thoughts on “Google’s new Blogger "interface"

  1. Okay, scratch that, the link to the new interface showed up afterwards.

    Um, yeah, underwhelmed. I clicked on the link to try the new interface twice, and switched back to the old one both times. I may give it another shot, but at this point the possible better or easier access to various tools and data does not override the ugly.


  2. I figured out how to transfer my Google calendar stuff to Yahoo.

    Yahoo allows blogs, maybe I can move my stuff there. Or anywhere else if this keeps up.

    Stop TOUCHING it, Google!


  3. I agree, what were they thinking?!?!? They should have put “IT SUCKS” on the list of items on the survey when you go back to the old one.


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