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We have the dividing line being drawn.
The old Lefty notions of “class” has been melted-down by the growth of the Leviathan Bureaucratic State. The rioters burning buildings and businesses in Notting Hill are not a part of any “Class” system that dumbass Marx and his sycophants ever envisioned, his “workers of the world” – because they don’t work, they take.
And because the .Gov is a babysitter and lollypop machine they have developed no self-restraint or sense of community, and they shit on their own doorstep.  Like an impingement AR they crap where they live, while the .Gov places greater and greater demands on the actual workers to pay for this parasitic class of permanent .Gov-Voters — and so the ratchet continues.

And that kind of selfish and senseless self-preserving spending is tanking the economy and destroying the future.


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  1. Hi Matthew! True – the lumpen' are counter, and where (or were) they were not yet in existence they have been created by the Uber-Parasites: the Governing Bureaucrats, as a foil to the Productives, and in some ways are acting as tax enforcers demanding more taxes (and free-stuff for themselves) and more effort by the Productive Class.
    But all that flies in the face of general Marxist Relative Theory where the classes are divided along more “Catholic” lines. 🙂

  2. Actually there is a part of the Marxian class system that applies. First read about it on a website called “spiked”.

    “According to Marx, the lumpenproletariat had no special motive for participating in revolution, and might in fact have an interest in preserving the current class structure, because the members of the lumpenproletariat usually depend on the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy for their day-to-day existence. In that sense, Marx saw the lumpenproletariat as a counter-revolutionary force.[11]”

  3. I guess the 7-yr. olds are out there because their parents need someone to help carry the arm-full of merchandise they took… It's spo sad really, and people have been warnign about it for years, the lack of community and commitment – but the politicians just see them as a vote.

  4. My sister asked on FB why there were 7 year olds out rioting & where were their parents – I replied that their parents were probably out there too – this welfare state has created a multigenerational underclass that resents those who have, without understanding/caring that they HAVE because they WORK.

  5. Mister Average Joe has had quite enough, I think, and is on the verge of being outraged at the intrusiveness and meddling with his very life that the Gummint thinks is just A-OK.

    The tension is palpable.

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