Another 409

There were a bunch of turkeys roaming in their safe spot, the whole range is a no-shoot for them – this was just half the group heading out into the weeds to forage. It must drive the trap-shooters crazy.
There’s always some interesting junk on the rifle-rack, even for California. I shoot with a bunch of rocket scientist from NASA and computer PhD’s, besides the usual Cops and ex-Military types after all.
(click to enlarge) The cold and overcast layer began to burn-off by 10:00AM or so and things lightened up. That’s because the dense bay-area atmosphere is funnel-sucked down south by the lower valley low-pressure differential – when it starts heating up it just tears apart the cloud cover against the hills as sunlight penetrates and warms the farmland to the south of here. Over behind these hills, a few miles back in a box canyon, they build (and sometimes explode) rocket motors – now that the Shuttle is shuttered I’m not sure what kind of noises will emit, maybe they’ll just go commercial and keep up scaring the cows with sudden building eruptions…
I shot on #7 because it’s easiest for me to distinguish. It’s a dark, slashing vertical mark on a white background that stands-out nicely between two black-background roundy-shapes (8 and 9).
I managed to only drop a single offhand shot into the berm, and was one of only two people who shot X’s offhand on the first relay. In rapid-seated (and prone) I also didn’t suck horribly, the consistency of point-of-aim with the 55-grain XM-193 helped, but the mil-spec quality left a little to be desired in the slow-prone stage where super accuracy counts, and instead some shot-dispersal occurred. Like one shot would be a 10, and the next would be an 8 at 7:0’clock, then an X and then another eight next to the first one, with two groups developing… Oh well, overall I scored a mid-level Sharpshooter with a 409, and 4x’s. It was a good day.

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  1. Wish I had cold mornings to complain/brag about. It was 101 the last time I looked at the temp, which was probably just after 4pm. Been this way for most of the month too. Overnight it will probably drop to around 80, maybe 78 if we get lucky, then a whole week of flirting with the century mark, until at least next Saturday.

    Oh joy.


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